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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ken Russell's, The Devils (1971), feature + trailer & Hell on Earth - The Desecration & Resurrection of "The Devils" (2004)

Traces the history and controversy surrounding the film The DEVILS, Ken Russell's notorious 1971 film of alleged 'demonic possession' in 17th century France. Features interviews with Ken Russell, who talks openly about his battles with studios, censors and critics; actors Vanessa Redgrave, Dudley Sutton, Murray Melvin, Georgina Hale, Imogen Claire, Doremy Vernon, Judith Paris, Selena Gilbert, and Izabella Telezinska; extra in the film Lee Fyles; critics Alexander Walker and Nigel Floyd; composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies; producer Roy Baird; editor Michael Bradsell; director of photography David Watkin; Peter Malone, President, The World Catholic Association for Communication; BBFC examiner Ken Perry; and Father Gene Phillips, Consultant Legion of Decency, and Attorney General's Commission of Motion Pictures. The documentary also, for the first time, shows the censored sequences that were cut from the finished film.

An online petition has been created to send to Warner Brothers to convince them to release a restored uncut DVD edition of the "the Devils".

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